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This is a voluntary program that allows anyone who contributes to Atmospedia to be officially recognized for their contributions to the site. Participation in this program is helpful when:

  1. You want to cite your contributions on your CV
  2. You want to promote your volunteer effort as professional service to the community

While correcting grammar and spelling across the site are much appreciated, contributors are generally expected to have added substantial content to Atmospedia. This includes, but is not limited to, adding new content pages, making major edits to pages, and/or adding on substantial sections to an already pre-existing page.

How to Apply

To be officially recognized as an Atmospedia contributor, please email the administrators with a paragraph describing your contributions to Atmospedia. After review, we will publish your name and affiliation to the wiki as a record that you can cite on your CV.

Contributors (in alphabetical order by surname)

  • Beck, Jackie (The Ohio State University)*
  • Riches, Mj (Colorado State University)*
  • Shutter, Joshua (University of Minnesota)*
  • Woo, Joseph (Lafayette College)*

Asterisk indicates individual either is or was an administrator.