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Atmospedia was designed to be a freely-available wiki that would make sharing knowledge and wisdom easy for everyone either researching or interested in the atmospheric sciences. It’s purposefully decentralized so that any individual can contribute whatever knowledge or wisdom they’re willing to share with the community. Users should also feel free to provide feedback and edits to already pre-existing content.

Content Ideas and Topics

We are always looking for folks to add content. If you already have an idea in mind and would like to build the wiki out in that area, you are encouraged to do so. Otherwise, check out our ongoing list of topics that have been brainstormed by the community as needing volunteer writers. If you would like to chat about how your idea can be organized into the structure of the wiki, please don’t hesitate to set up a meeting with one of the administrators.

Getting Started

Please follow these steps to get started on adding content and/or editing Atmospedia:

  1. Read more about the site's requirements for contributing or editing content and the license terms. By creating an account on Atmospedia, you agree to abide by these standards.
  2. Fill out this form to request that one of the administrators create an account for you on Atmospedia. An account is necessary only for adding or editing content. Please do not hesitate to contact administrators if you do not receive an email within 72 hours of filling out the form. Please use a strong password to protect your account from spammers.
  3. Once you have an account created, you will have the ability to edit pages or create entirely new ones. This site uses MediaWiki which is the same open-source software that runs sites like Wikipedia. Thus, the same syntax that works on Wikipedia works on this site. Please refer to this cheatsheet from MediaWiki to assist in formatting articles.