Contribution Requirements

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By submitting changes to Atmospedia, you certify that:

  1. You are the author of the contribution and are contributing it under your real name.
    For transparency and auditing purposes, we do not allow regular users to post or edit on Atmospedia anonymously or via proxy.
  2. Your contributions are original (i.e., your own) or in the public domain (i.e., not copyrighted elsewhere).
    Unless you can certify that you hold the copyright (or the content is available under a Creative Common BY-SA license), you are not allowed to simply copy-and-paste copyrighted content from other websites or resources onto Atmospedia. Rather, first read the content and synthesize the information in your own words. If you have written content for another publisher, remember that you MAY have signed away your legal copyright to that publisher. Thus, you no longer hold the copyright over the work even though you are the original author. Content generated by artificial intelligence (AI) is not considered your own and should not be posted on Atmospedia.
  3. Your content is not libelous, slanderous, malicious, or otherwise unprofessional.
    It is the intention of the administrators that this wiki is a constructive forum that provides timely and helpful information in the atmospheric sciences. We ardently hope that all people using and contributing to this site do so in good faith. It is not a forum for complaining about institutions/agencies, politics or political parties, attacking other individuals (e.g., ad hominem attacks), the culture, and/or protected groups as defined by the United States federal government.
  4. You agree to the license terms for all content you contribute to or edit on Atmospedia.